The Dark Sweet Cherry Bunch Strikes Again

Hi there wonderful friends!

First of all, my kind and emotive regards to all and each one of you, ENTEP members! A huge hug from your loud-laughing-south-Mediterranean-friend!

Wish you all a fantastic meeting. I am sure it will be for Romita never forgets anything and Cyprus must be a amazing host!

Then, I have received the picture below with the members of The Dark Sweet Cherry Bunch! And I can only say that I miss our chatting, our laughing together, our tea time, our glass of wine time and, most of all, our slightly naughty sense of humor!  Otmar, Gerard and Anne-Sophie, thank you for all the good moments, especially when things were, let's say... dark!

I also miss Otmar's granny for she is the author of my favorite sentence ever: 

"If you aren't in bed by ten, come home!"

Your true friend, Joao Paulo
(I wrote it as you pronounce it, hahaha)


(The Dark Sweet Cherry Bunch -1)