Crónicas de África - Dear Velma

Crónicas de África - Dear Velma

Dear Velma,

The moment you started to talk with me, the moment your sweet voice said the word Africa, I couldn't help recalling Meryl Streep in the role of Karen Blixen saying those wonderful and magic words: "I had a farm in Africa."

Although we met briefly, our conversation was intense and emotional. I saw in your eyes that unique feeling that we, the Portuguese, call saudade. You had a farm in Africa and a husband that was a young courageous working man and you succeed. Days changed and so did the will of men. And you lost it all. But the thing is that Africa lives in your heart, in your memories and is brought to us by your tender wise words.

The reason I write you today it's because in spite of all the suffering and doubts, I saw hope in your eyes. I saw the true love for this immense red continent. I saw that you really wanted things to work out well... So, I come to reassure you that everything is going to be ok. Don't be afraid. You may no longer have a farm in Africa, but Africa is still the farm of your dreams.