The Dark Sweet Cherry Bunch

The Dark Sweet Cherry Bunch

A bunch of guys. Well, actually, it’s three guys and a girl. The leader on joyful mood is, undoubtedly, the Short Secret Agent, aka, SSA. He’s secret because he’s short and he’s got some of the secret agents’ weird stuff and gadgets. For instance, he had a surgery on his eyes to have some technical implants that allow him to see through women’s clothes. Nevertheless, he keeps wearing glasses. We suspect that’s a secret disguise. He’s closely followed by the Sweet Cherry. She’s from a distant civilization, never stops running and her main goal is to find the starting point. Who can understand this? Nobody sane. That’s why in The Dark Sweet Cherry Bunch we all understand her very well. She’s athletic and does all the hard work in the group like turning short things into long ones. She’s quite elegant and has all the beauty in the group. Her gadget is the sweet cherry that’s why we call her Sweet Cherry. We really don’t know what she uses it for, but we suspect it’s for hunting. She’s facing a huge problem now because in a moment of urge and madness, ASS ate her cherry. It was in front of us and he kept mumbling Hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm… We believe he was kind of hallucinated. Than we have The Gentleman. He’s very useful for he has this exterior respectful aspect and people really think he’s serious. So, when we need to order a glass of wine, or a beer, or a small meal, bunch people don’t eat much, he’s the one who does the job because people listen to him. Well, he also makes intelligent remarks during a conversation and he speaks English with French accent not being one or the other which is perfect for a bunch of Dark Sweet Cherries. And than we have the south mediterranean loud talking laughing guy, aka, Man. We call him Man because when addressing to him we always start by Man… He does a nice job on arriving late to important events which makes the group noticed, he distracts the enemy, when the enemy is trying to work during meals, by saying meaningless stuff very loud. Some of the group members are experiencing hearing problems… he drives them depth!

At the last gathering in between work they had several important things to do on behalf of Mankind. They had dinner together, discussed wine quality and quantity, drunk some, they had a laughter, well, several laughters, they heated Sweet Cherry’s sweet cherry and than they ate it. They tried the kiss approach but they weren’t finish, they were polish! At least for some days. They had a night walk, a lunch together in a very cosy environment, they inspected the Cathedral Island and sang Tina Turner’s last hit: “Wroclaw’s got to do with it”. There was some street dancing involved and also some groom hand-shaking and bride kissing. Everything ended up on a mixed session of Opera and football. A cultural option  that only the special people from The Dark Sweet Cherry Bunch can appreciate. And they passed through their biggest probation since ever: they listened polish on pedagogika nauczyciele program for five hours in a row… managed to survive though!

The mission is over and the Dark Sweet Cherry Bunch is ready for the next… cherry. Cheers!